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Ceramic Mug 11oz

Ceramic Mug 11oz

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Exclusive Mugs

West & Willow pet portraits are the perfect minimalist decor to start your gallery wall, design a statement shelf, or as a gift for your pet loving friends and family.

Shirts made with authentic Cotton

Pet portraits are printed on gallery-quality paper and ready-to-hang components come pre-attached to the high-quality frame.

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Help make a difference

West & Willow Pet Portraits are hand-illustrated by our talented digital artists. Each portrait is created using a manual & highly technical design process. We do not use filters or apps.

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How It Works

Equipped with an advanced ultrasonic autofocus motor, the VisionMaster lens offers fast, accurate, and quiet focusing. The built-in 4-stop image stabilization system allows you to capture sharp, blur-free images even when shooting handheld.

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